Drummond Magnet Montessori School Playground


I received a Presidential Urban Engagement Grant for my work connected with Drummond Magnet Montessori School located in the Bucktown Neighborhood of Chicago. The school has been raising money for a number of years to add green space to their school yard not only for aesthetic, but educational purposes. I am proposing a green spaced based on the elements that can be used as a meeting place for parents as well as an outdoor classroom for the students. Following the Montessori Science curriculum, children can study their world learning about plant structures and growing cycles on multi use platform seating which is surrounded by a native plant garden. The Turrel inspired sun room can be used for play, meditation and studying the sky. The rainbarrel is a practical and conservational addition which serves as another educational and interactive tool for the children. A lazy susan's bright colors are meant to represent fire and encourage exploration of pattern.