Nomadic Print Cart


Printmaking as a process is communal. The simplicity of the relief process can empower makers of any age. With limited arts programs available at many of the Chicago Public Schools and community arts organizations feeling the burden of a shrinking economy, I felt it was time to devise a way to bring the art of Print to the public. A portable print cart with a tabletop letterpress and recycled materials can be used to demonstrate how to make basic relief and collograph prints at schools, libraries and art centers.
The history of the broadside and Prints traditional background in Western, Hispanic and Asian culture can be taught alongside the physical processes. This information will be used as a jumping off point for individual and group projects. Keeping in mind not only environmental, but economic concerns and in order to make the process accessible to as large a group as possible prints will be made on reused materials such as Styrofoam dining trays, paper bags, newspapers, fabric and cereal boxes. Students can also print with found materials. A range of artists will give workshops on repurposing these printed materials to make items ranging from cards to backpacks.